4 in 1 emergency tool shuts off water industrial gas shut off shuts off gas pries open doors digs thru debris digs thru debris shuts off gas shuts off water industrial gass shut off digs through debris shuts off water industrial gas shut off tool shuts off gas

Designed and Test by Professional Firefighters.

The On Duty® 4 in 1 Emergency Tool™ is the tool of choice for Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Federal / State / Local Government Agencies, American Red Cross, Community Emergency Response Teams, Military, United Nations and more.

A light-weight, heavy duty, easy-to-use tool which Shuts off Gas, Shuts off Water, Pries Open Doors and Digs through Debris. This tool will help you prepare for any emergency. more information...

This Product Helps Support America's Disabled

Patented and Proudly Made in the USA


4 in 1 emergency tool in packaging
4 in 1 emergency tool by on duty
Shuts Off Gas
Shuts Off Water
Pries Opens Doors
Digs Thru Debris